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SpacePak AC & Heating Small Duct Systems

SpacePak is a premiere manufacturer of small duct, high-velocity central heating and AC systems for homes. We’ll talk about what this means a bit more below, but for now what you need to know is that this could be the perfect fit for a home that struggles to get heating and cooling through traditional means. No ducts? No space? Historic home? No time for major renovations? Then SpacePak is the installation for you!

Get a central heating and cooling system that works for nearly any home. When you work with SunnySide Heating and Air Conditioning we take the stress out of AC and heating installation by ensuring the job moves quickly without any need for major construction work. Contact our team to schedule AC and heating services in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Small Duct Central AC and Heating Systems

A SpacePak air conditioner and heater is the perfect system for any home with limited space for a central AC and heating installation. That’s because it uses small ducts, which is just what it sounds like. Small–duct heating and AC can be retrofitted into nearly any home, with flexible tubing and a narrow diameter to fit behind walls, in floors and ceilings—anywhere you need it to go.

A small–duct air conditioner and heater is relatively quick to install, especially when you consider how much work goes into installing an entire system of sheet metal ductwork. This may require major renovations, which may be incredibly costly and time–consuming or even impossible when it comes to some historic buildings.

High–Velocity Heating and Cooling

It may seem that small duct AC and heating would be a hindrance to airflow, and indeed, with a conventional HVAC system, it would be. The high–velocity fan, however, ensures that the system is powerful enough to properly distribute air throughout every room of the home.

You’ll have to have professional technicians install the small–duct heater and air conditioner, of course—to ensure proper performance from your HVAC system. We are proud to install SpacePak air conditioners and heaters and help you get all the benefits these systems provide.

SpacePak System Benefits

SpacePak systems are the perfect fit for so many homes in our area, with an installation that is configured and customized just right for any home’s needs.

• No need to give up space inside your home to make room for ducts.
• No extensive renovations and a much shorter installation period than with sheet metal ducts.
• No need to change the décor or historic value of a home.
• High–efficiency and performance you won’t get from portable heaters or window air units.

SpacePak Small Duct System Services

Of course, we offer complete services for small duct AC and heating systems for any home, including those we did not install in the first place. We can also help keep your system in good shape with annual maintenance services that can raise efficiency levels and keep your system around for longer.

For more information, just reach out to the team at SunnySide Heating and Air Conditioning and ask about SpacePak systems. We make high efficiency affordable! Give us a call to request an estimate on SpacePak installations in Toronto and the surrounding area.