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Garage Heaters

The garage can be much more than just a covered place to store your vehicle. It can be a small wood shop, a place to store whatever doesn’t fit in the home, or to store your tools for working on your car or truck. Whether your garage is attached to the home or set apart, you may want to consider a heating system specifically designed for that space.

As a leading provider of HVAC services in the Toronto, we want you to know that we also install and service garage heaters. Let our team of expert, certified technicians take care of your garage the same way we would your home. We offer a number of different makes and models from top dealers like Reznor. Call today whether you need installation or repair for your garage heater.


Benefits of Garage Heaters

Why install a garage heater before next winter? It’s not too hard to see why you might want to:

Heated storage.
The garage is a great place not only to keep your car clean and clear of debris throughout the year, but also to store things like food, water, and other beverages, as well as houseplants. If you don’t such items to freeze, then you’ll need a garage heater.

Comfort when you’ve got to work.
Whether you work out of your garage, or just as a serious hobbyist on the weekends, the winter will challenge your ability to do what you need to do in the garage. A heater makes winter a lot more pleasant.

Efficiency and power.
We install quality garage heaters from brands such as Reznor, which are incredibly efficient, which means you save money in the long–term. We’ll also make sure that your heater matches the size and heating requirements of your garage precisely.

Signs that You Need Garage Heater Repair

Like any other piece of HVAC equipment, your garage heater will not simply last indefinitely. Our job is to make sure that your home has an outstanding garage heater, one well suited to the winter. But even beyond installation, you can also rely on our team for all of your garage heater repair needs. The key is to catch the problem before it can do serious damage.

Has your garage heater started to make an odd sound? If so, then let us have a look at it to make sure it’s not broken.
Has it become inefficient? You can definitely expect your heating bill to rise during the coldest part of the year—that much is obvious. But if you notice a sudden spike in the cost of running your garage heater (or any other heating system in the home, for that matter), then let us know.

Those are just a couple of common signs to watch out for. If your garage heater has broken down completely, then give us a call right away. We offer garage heater repair 24/7. We also offer garage heater maintenance, which we can do as part of a general HVAC maintenance plan, or whenever you’d like us to have a look at your system. Contact SunnySide Heating and Air Conditioning today!