Five Tips For Air Conditioning Repair in Toronto - Air Conditioning Repairs Contractor

It's summertime– which means it’s that time of year when many homeowners find themselves shelling out cash for air conditioning repairs in Toronto. By utilizing the following tips for air conditioning maintenance, however, you can cut down on the money and time many Toronto residents will find themselves spending this summer.


  1. You should have your thermostat properly calibrated during your next service check-up. If your Toronto serviceman is already there, he will most likely do this for you at no charge. By ensuring accurate temperature control, you will save money and set an accurate comfort level.
  2. One of the main components of your air conditioner, the refrigerant charge, can be quite expensive to repair. Making sure that the refrigerant charge is on point will save you money on your power bill because it will help your air conditioning unit run more efficiently.
  3. You air conditioner’s condenser coil will remove and reject heat from your home, so if this part is dirty expect your a/c to run less efficiently. If the coil gets too dirty it can lead to a total system failure, which will cost big bucks to repair (or replace).
  4. Keeping your air conditioning evaporator coil clean is important to helping your unit run efficiently. Dust and dirt that escape the air filter can restrict the air flow through the coil, reducing your air conditioning system of performance and capacity. Checking your coil once a month will make sure that proper air flow is delivered to all areas of your home, as well as increase comfort levels, provide better de-humidification and a give your home a cleaner healthier indoor environment.
  5. Something that can affect air flow into your home are dirty blower wheels. It can also spread dust particles which irritate sinus and allergies. By keeping it clean, it will provide maximum air flow and proper cooling of your home.

The main point of these tips is to ensure that your air conditioning unit runs at it’s most efficient level– saving wear and tear on the unit, keeping money in your pocket and keeping visits from your air conditioning repairman to a minimum.

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