Toronto Air Duct Inspection

Sealing air ducts in your home is a step that can save you both energy and money. Often the joints in the duct system are sealed with duct tape. While duct tape is an extremely useful product, it is only a temporary measure when it comes to sealing ducts!

Duct Inspections for TorontoDucts often run through attics, crawl spaces and basements where extreme heat and cold can cause separation at the joints. Permanent sealing requires painting with mastic, a thick, gooey substance. When ducts are also properly insulated, you can save even more on energy bills.

Ducts can leak as much as 25% of their cargo of air that has been warmed or cooled. In addition, air contaminated with undesirable particles can leak into your ducts from the attic, crawl space or basement. If you notice a layer of dust drifting in from your air vents, this is an indication that leaks have already sprung.

Toronto duct inspections, permanent sealing and insulation of the ducts are recommended as key energy-saving steps by organizations such as the Alliance to Save Energy.

We start by inspecting your ducts. If the system is sealed with duct tape only or if it is already leaking, we recommend sealing with mastic. We can also advise you as to whether additional insulation of your ducts for further energy and cost savings is desirable

Duct Cleaning Solutions

Do you or a family member suffer from allergies, asthma or other health problems that are aggravated by poor air quality? You can take a positive step towards purifying the air in your Toronto home by cleaning the air ducts of your heating and air system.

As air passes through the ducts, particles of dust, pollen and dander (fine scales from skin, feathers and hair) settle to the bottom of the duct and accumulate. Micro-organisms like mold, bacteria, fungus and dust mites thrive in this dark environment. Mold and dust mites, in particular, can inflame allergic reactions. Dust mites are microscopic spiders that live in dust.

Air exiting the ducts can bring these particles and micro-organisms into the living areas of your home. So, the air system is actually circulating dander, dust, dust mites, pollen, fungus, bacteria and mold throughout your home. These can trigger or aggravate respiratory and allergic reactions.

We offer expert Toronto duct cleaning in accordance with established industry standards. For example, in accordance with Canada Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, we clean all components of your system. This is important because failure to clean a single component can allow the air to become re-contaminated, which can defeat the goal of duct cleaning - better indoor air quality.

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